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Clinical development is dynamic, multifaceted and challenging. It involves skilled manpower investing thousands of man hours with zeal for research and innovation in drug discovery. Drug discovery and its final outcome in terms drug product for benefit of mankind is an unparalleled rewarding feeling. This long process involves collaborating and developing long term partnerships that are part of the success story. We at Clinvigilant help you reach your clinical development objectives with our capabilities in conducting Phase II to Phase IV clinical studies across various pathologies. From exploratory studies, to confirmatory and post approval studies, we can answer all your needs effectively and efficiently with optimized resources. Our team consists of well trained and experienced clinical research professionals with skill sets in medical writing, clinical trial monitoring, biostatistics, pharmacovigilance and regulatory support.

Clinical Development

At the heart of every trial, there is more than a patient. There is an expert. A person who bears the burden of their condition, but also the challenges of everyday life. By starting trial design planning earlier and bringing together the right expertise.

Clinical Trial Consulting

Behind everything we offer at Clinvigilant are teams of people who come to work each day to help you make a difference. Our focus never waivers from the patients waiting for your product and so we have bought together the best minds

Functional Services Provider

Our world-class network of clinical FSP experts is ready to scale your trial resources, accelerate timelines, and maximize efficiency throughout development. Whether you need a handful.

Our Digital Clinical Trial Platform

We provide study specific digital solutions from our digital platforms that can help monitor the study progress remotely from any part of the world. All our systems are secure and maintain data integrity and protection. We have access to several medical institutes across India and globally have collaborated with sites. We have successfully conducted clinical studies across pathologies.  We have been audited by EMEA, MHRA, USFDA, DCGI authorities till date and have support the global as well as local clinical studies in India through our digital platform.

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

ClinVigilant EDC is a cloud based tool provides a highly configurable capabilities to create the paper CRF to eCRF by using our Institutive eCRF designer tool.

Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF)

eTMF is a powerful application that connects sponsors, CRO staff, and site resources with automated processes for creating, managing, and tracking the Trial Master File (TMF).

Patient Engagement

Streamline and automate study recruitment, screening, consent, Visit Management and direct data collection with Clinvigilant Patient Engagement Platform.
Digital Clinical Trial Platform
Video Image Clinical Research

Bringing it all together to enhance the patient experience

Our Decentralized Clinical Trial solutions combine in-house expertise and patient insights with the latest technologies to create bespoke strategies to guide you through all aspects of planning, operationalizing, and safely deploying Decentralized Clinical Trials.

Data Management


Regulatory Submission


Regulatory Inspection


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