Electronic Data Capture

An integrated eclinical platform for fast and easy study setup and smart clinical data management for all phases of clinical trials.

ClinVigilant’s Clinical Data Management tool provides a highly configured platform to create the eCRF from paper CRF or directly using our Institutive eCRF designer tool.

Faster Study Deployment

Reduce time spent on building and managing studies. Be it single centre or multicentre studies, Clinvigilant EDC’s manage sites, CDASH-CDISC form template builder, advanced user management, workflow, Scheduling and rule configuration will streamline your data capture for all your clinical trials. over 90% of studies being deployed within 4 weeks.

Well-timed Database Lock

Friendly data entry forms empower users to enter data rapidly while ensuring accuracy. Reduce database lock delays by leveraging direct input validation, edit checks and auto calculation formula to capture only clean study data.

Integrated Data

Integrate and harmonizing data from multiple sources by connecting all clinician, patient, and device data at an individual record level. ClinVigilant’s electronic data capture (EDC) system directly integrates eSource, eCRF, ePRO/COA, Laboratory and device data.

Manage Phase
I – IV studies

Design eCRF with Multilingual
CDASH – CIDSC based Global library
Medical Coding tool
Set Dynamic Workflow and Patient Scheduling
Regulatory Compliant

ClinVigilant EDC Modules

  • Manage Sites
    • Manage single site or multi sites
    • Manage Site Team
  • Design Study
    • Manage Workflow
    • Manage Scheduling
    • Manage Role Access
    • Manage Rules and Formula
  • Data Entry
    • 360 Degree view of Subjects
  • Data Management
    • Manage Query / deviations
  • Integrations
  • Database Lock

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