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Risk-Based Quality Management

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Risks management is an integral part of drug discovery and development programs.

They can be prevented and mitigated with effective Risk Management Programs. Our Quality Risk Management system involves identifying and evaluating risks early on, prioritizing them, and taking well-coordinated and logical actions to minimize, monitor, and control their impact as well as any associated events.

Our quality management system adopts a comprehensive approach to risk assessment from the perspectives of the clinical trial design, conduct, analysis, report, and regulatory perspectives. Our interdisciplinary team is proficient in clinical knowledge, project management, data management, IT support as well as biostatistics, pharmacovigilance and regulatory experts.

Our team evaluates both the inherent risks associated with the project and any external risks that may arise, and develops effective strategies to mitigate them.. When you entrust your project to us, we manage it with the same level of care and attention that you would. Quality is our fundamental principle at ClinVigilant, and we never compromise on the quality of our studies or the safety of participants.

Several of our clients have used our platform and been successful with their DCT projects. One never loses the supervision on the study management as all the activities are supported by our own digital platform with highly skilled and well-trained professionals and offers virtual monitoring to the clients from any corner of the world. You never lose the sight for any of your studies when you collaborate with CLINVIGILANT. All our capabilities remain your strong assets for achieving your clinical trial objectives. We can help transform your clinical trial goal into reality.

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