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Transforming Outcome Measurement: Innovative eCOA Platform for Enhanced Clinical Trial Efficiency and Accuracy

ClinVigilant eCOA © (Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments) platform represents a significant advancement in the field of clinical trials, focusing on the efficient and accurate collection of outcome data. This innovative solution is designed to capture a wide range of outcome assessments electronically, thus enhancing the quality of data and streamlining the process of clinical research.

What Makes ClinVigilant Patient Engagement eCOA different from other solution provider?

Data Quality

Improved Data Quality

Enhanced Patient Compliance

Efficient Trial Management

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Cost Effective

Key Features of

Diverse Data Collection

Enables the direct entry of clinical trial data into an electronic system at the point of care, reducing transcription errors and improving data quality.

Real-Time Data Capture

Enables real-time data capture, through mobile devices or web platforms, allowing for immediate and accurate recording of outcome data.

Customizable Assessments

Offers the ability to create and customize assessments and questionnaires to fit specific study requirements and protocols.

Patient Engagement Tools

Includes features like reminders, alerts, and educational materials to keep patients engaged and compliant with the trial regimen.

Multilingual Support

Provides multilingual capabilities to cater to diverse patient populations in global clinical trials.

Data Quality and Compliance Checks

Incorporates real-time data quality checks and compliance monitoring to ensure the validity and reliability of the collected data.

Integration with Other Systems

Integrates with Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems, CTMS, and other clinical trial management tools for seamless data management and analysis.

Secure Data Transmission and Storage

Ensures secure transmission and storage of data, complying with regulatory standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

User-Friendly Interface

Features user-friendly interfaces for patients, clinicians, and trial administrators, facilitating ease of use and reducing training requirements.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Provides advanced analytics and reporting tools for real-time data analysis, aiding in decision-making and trial management.

Audit Trails and Traceability

Maintains comprehensive audit trails for all data entries, modifications, and interactions, ensuring traceability and regulatory compliance.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalable and flexible to accommodate various trial sizes and complexities, from small pilot studies to large-scale multinational trials.

Remote Data Collection Capabilities

Facilitates remote and decentralized data collection, essential for trials that require minimal clinic visits or are conducted in remote areas.

Accessibility Features

Includes accessibility features to ensure that the software is usable by a wide range of participants, including those with disabilities.

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