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Revolutionizing Data Integrity: Cutting-Edge eSource Platform for Seamless and Secure Clinical Trial Data Management

Clinvigilant eSource © platform is a sophisticated and innovative solution designed to revolutionize data collection and management in clinical trials. This platform focuses on streamlining the capture and use of source data electronically, enhancing the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of clinical trial processes.

What Makes ClinVigilant Patient Engagement eSource different from other solution provider?

Enhanced Data Integrity

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Regulatory Compliant

Reduced Data Management Costs

Decision Making

Accelerated Decision Making

Key Features of

Direct Data Capture

Enables the direct entry of clinical trial data into an electronic system at the point of care, reducing transcription errors and improving data quality.

Integration with Medical Devices

Integrate with medical devices (like ECG, blood pressure monitors) for automatic data capture, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Source Data Verification

Facilitates source data verification processes, ensuring data integrity and compliance with regulatory standards.

Audit Trails

Provides detailed audit trails for all data entries and changes, essential for regulatory compliance and data integrity.

Electronic Signatures

Supports electronic signatures for data validation and authentication.

Remote Monitoring

Facilitates remote monitoring of trial data by clinical monitors, improving oversight and reducing the need for on-site visits.

Data Encryption and Security

Ensures the highest levels of data encryption and security to protect sensitive patient information.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Designed to be compliant with regulations like FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and other global standards.

Real-Time Data Access

Provides investigators and trial staff with real-time access to source data, enhancing decision-making and trial management.

Paperless Workflow

Creates a paperless workflow, reducing the reliance on physical documents and streamlining data management processes.

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