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ClinVigilant eConsent

Streamline the process of obtaining informed consent from participants.

Clinvigilant eConsent © software enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and participant experience in the consent process of clinical trials, while also ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

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Key Features of

Digital Documentation

Replaces traditional paper-based consent forms with digital documents. This enables easier distribution, completion, and storage of consent forms.

Multimedia Content Integration

It can integrate multimedia content such as videos, animations, and graphics to better explain the trial processes, risks, and benefits. This approach can enhance participant understanding, which is crucial for informed consent.

Interactive Features

Interactive quizzes or Q&A sections can be included to ensure participants understand the information presented. These features can also address common concerns and questions.

Electronic Signatures

Participants can provide their consent electronically, which simplifies the process and reduces the need for in-person meetings. This is particularly beneficial for remote or decentralized trials.

Version Control and Updates

ClinVigilant eConsent software ensures that all participants receive the most current information. If the consent form is updated, participants can be notified and re-consent can be obtained if necessary.

Compliance and Audit Trails

The software maintains a detailed audit trail for compliance purposes. It logs when the consent was presented, viewed, and signed, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements.

Language and Literacy Accommodations

ClinVigilant eConsent can offer consent forms in multiple languages and adapt to different literacy levels, making trials more accessible to a diverse population.

Data Security and Privacy

Ensures the protection of participant data through encryption and compliance with privacy regulations such as HIPAA or GDPR.


ClinVigilant eConsent is integrated with Clinvigilant CTMS and EDC systems or it can be integrated with existing clinical trial management systems for seamless data flow and management.

Especially useful during situations like the COVID-19 pandemic, or Decentralised Clinical Trial Clinvigilant eConsent allows for remote consenting, reducing the need for physical interaction.

Accessibility Features

ClinVigilant eConsent platforms include accessibility features such as screen readers and adjustable text sizes, accommodating participants with disabilities.


ClinVigilant eConsent software has capabilities to customized to fit the specific needs of each trial, including tailoring the consent process and documentation to the trial’s specific requirements.

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