Phase II-III

Successful clinical development program is critical to drug development for targeting early market access. Phase II and Phase III studies help determine the key aspects of efficacy and safety aspects for target therapeutic indications and requires multidisciplinary skills and team work.

Sound scientific principles, optimization of resources and time management are instrumental for reaching objectives set in clinical development programs. At Clinvigilant, we are part of the drug development process with each one of you as your partners. We deliver precise advices and all operational activities for phase II and phase III studies across various pathologies. We provide services from clinical research strategy as well as identification of sites, feasibility activities, regulatory and EC related activities, study monitoring, audits, data management, statistical analysis, medical writing activities including all other project implementation steps effectively and precisely.

Our monitoring team is skilled and motivated to work relentlessly to help you achieve your objective as our objective is not different from yours. We are your partners at each and every step of development to deliver the clinical development goals.


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