Simplify and Automate the most complex time driven Early Phase Clinical Trial
ClinVigilant-EPT is a one-point solution automating the end-to-end processes for capturing the source data and all the clinical events generated throughout the conduct of the trials.

Overall it increases the efficiency by reducing the efforts of the data capture, decreasing the errors and simplifying the flow of the data through ease of access increasing the data integrity, compliance and rapid safety decisions.

Features & Benefits

Participant & Screening

Participant & Screening Management

Manage the participant database and expedite the participant search effectively to ensure the speedy process of the screening

  • Manage the database of your Participants across branches with unique identification system
  • Slot & book the appointments
  • At fingertips search your Participants based on your trial
  • Efficient search engines
  • Restrict the cross participation of Participants
  • Manage the history of the health records for the Participants

CRF Designer

Manage and handle your study CRFS, logbooks and all your generic study forms in single window design

  • Design the eCRF in hours
  • Schedule all the time driven activities
  • Manage the rules
  • Design the logbooks and SOP driven study forms
  • Control the access of the forms

CRF Designer
Device Driven Data

Barcode/Device Driven Data Management

Explore the advantages of the machine integration and barcode-based data entry for the critical primary and secondary parameters of the clinical trial.

  • Integrate the machines for the data collection directly
  • Reduce the Critical errors
  • Increase the efficiency
  • Automize the time deviations
  • Reminders
  • Query Management
  • Review management

Pharmacy Management

Design your e-pharmacy in Clinvigilant-EPT. Most critical area in terms of the regulatory inspection. Leverage the stress to Manage, track, reconcile all your IMPs within the system.

  • Complete control by the pharmacist
  • Ease of tracking the IMPs, their status and locations
  • Manage randomization
  • Receipt, Verification, dispensing to discard including retention of the IMPs
  • Complete and accurate accountability of IMPs
  • Informative dashboards & Reports

Sample Management

The most complex and inspector interest process made simpler and compliant by easing the process through Clinvigilant-EPT, of managing, handling, tracking, labelling, transferring, storing of the thousands of samples.

  • Design your sample storage areas within the system
  • Manage different sample processing like centrifugation, processing etc
  • Manage the storage and retrieval of the samples
  • Track the location and status of the samples
  • Complete and accurate accountability of samples

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