Decentralized Trial

Certain studies mandate local study management and decentralization as a part of logistics and optimizing resources.

Decentralized studies can help maintain study budgets, timelines within the allotted resources. Such a decentralization is necessary in situations such as niche therapeutic indication with the disease’s prevalence presenting demographic limitations as well as stand-alone local studies requested by regulatory authorities.

ClinVigilant supports all such decentralized study conduct beginning with local regulatory support to final study completion including report writing. Our digital platform effectively handles the challenges of patient recruitment, follow-up, meticulous monitoring with maintaining highest quality standards.

Patient retention, mobilization of resources and logistics management has been our core competency whatever may be the circumstances. Our digital platform effectively manages patient interactions with the investigators, laboratory etc. and permits sharing information with the investigator remotely and securely. This remote data collection, its access and processing are driven by our in-house digital technology that is validated, error-free and user-friendly.
Several of our clients have used our platform and been successful with their DCT projects. One never loses the supervision on the study management as all the activities are supported by our own digital platform with highly skilled and well-trained professionals and offers virtual monitoring to the clients from any corner of the world. You never lose the sight for any of your studies when you collaborate with ClinVigilant. All our capabilities remain your strong assets for achieving your clinical trial objectives. We can help transform your clinical trial goal into reality.

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