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Increase studies cost-effectiveness and efficiency with remote decentralized clinical trials.

Decentralized studies are a convenient option for maintaining study budgets and timelines within allotted resources, particularly in the case of niche or rare diseases. Due to their low prevalence, these types of clinical trials are ideal for decentralization.

ClinVigilant supports all decentralized trials aspects, from local regulatory support to final study completion including report writing and a complete set of eclinical solutions.

Patient retention, mobilization of resources and logistics management are our core competencies . Our digital platform effectively manages patient interactions with the investigators, laboratory etc. and permits sharing information with the investigator remote and securely

Many clients have found success with our platform for their DCT projects. Our platform offers virtual monitoring and is supported by skilled professionals, ensuring that study management is never out of sight. When you collaborate with ClinVigilant, you can rest assured that all our capabilities are at your disposal to achieve your clinical trial objectives. Let us help you turn your clinical trial goals into reality.

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