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10 Benefits TMF Managers are Achieving with eTMF Systems

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Electronic trial master file in clinical research systems provide numerous benefits for TMF managers over traditional paper-based systems. Key advantages include improved collaboration through easy sharing of documents digitally across sites, CROs, and IRBs/IECs; significant time and cost savings from faster document searching, reduced printing/courier costs, and improved efficiency; enhanced quality control and inspection readiness […]

How to Harness the Power of ETMF Clinical Trials

Electronic trial master file (eTMF) systems are becoming indispensable tools for managing clinical trials in the life sciences industry. By transitioning from paper to electronic TMFs, companies can improve efficiency, ensure compliance, and get drugs to market faster. Here’s a guide on how to implement eTMF to streamline your clinical trials. What is eTMF in […]

What is a risk-based approach to TMF management?

The trial master file (TMF) is one of the most important components of clinical trial management. The TMF contains all the essential documents related to a clinical trial, including the protocol, ethics approval, informed consent forms, case report forms, study procedures, data management, statistics, and more. Maintaining a complete, accurate, and inspection-ready TMF is crucial […]